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Dane Nebel's Tennis Academy

Liston Tennis Club - 142 Nelson Place, Williamstown 3016

0416 180 989

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Williamstown Physiotherapy

Welcome to Williamstown Physiotherapy, a sponsor of the Liston Tennis Club!

We pride ourselves on a reputation for caring, hands-on therapy. Our team specialises in treatment of:

Our hand-picked team have a wide variety of specialist training and experience between them:

Please call 03 9397 7711 or visit for more information or to book an appointment

Williamstown Physiotherapy - Our Team

Matthew Brewer - Practice Principal

Matthew joined the practice in 2004. He has many years of experience in acute hospital and community settings both in Australia and the UK, including the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, and Whipps Cross Hospital, London. Matthew's special areas of treatment include paediatric physiotherapy, lumbo-pelvic instability, rehabilitation and Clinical Pilates. He is a keen cyclist and has recently done further study in the biomechanics and injuries particular to this sport.

Josh Micallef - Staff Physiotherapist

Josh joined the team in 2012. He has undertaken further study in the treatment of complex lumbo-pelvic stability problems and shoulder injury rehabilitation. Josh is very committed to his craft, and being an active sportsman gives him a great insight into sports related injuries.

Vern Chai - Staff Physiotherapist

Vern has worked in private practice both in Australia and overseas in a variety of settings. She is a firm advocate of quality hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and body awareness. Pain management and gerontology are two of the fields Vern has great interest and experience in, and this enables her patients to benefit from improved functional outcomes.

Mod Cold Press Juicer

As a sporting professional, I understand the important role that good nutrition plays in boosting our performance and our wellbeing.

I also understand how difficult it can be to take time out of our busy days to shop, prepare and cook whole foods that fuel our bodies with all the vitamins and minerals that we need.

After a long search to find an easier way to achieve this, I got on to Mod Cold Press Juicer. With Mod, you juice your fruit and veg the "cold pressed" way that retains all the nutrients without the hassles of traditional juicers.

What I love is that it juices produce whole (even whole apples) meaning I don't even have to bother chopping or peeling. It's quiet, quick to use and simple to clean and store.

So now, to get my fruit and veg boost, all I need to do is switch on my Mod, raid my fridge and fruit bowl and in under a minute I have perfect, tailor made cold pressed juice. I can even juice ahead of time - it stays fresh and nutrient packed in the fridge for days.

And I can tell you that I can actually feel it doing me good as I go about my day, on and off the court.

I love it and I think you'll love it too. In fact, I love it so much that I've arranged a special discount for my friends and clients.

Simply head to and use the code nebel25 in the checkout process and you'll receive $25 off.

So, whether you're a time-poor professional, a hopeless cook or a busy mum desperate to get more greens into her kids' diets, check out Mod as a solution to packing in nutrients and boosting wellbeing.

Check out for more information. They are 100% Aussie owned and run too :)

Quite simply, Mod is Australia's best cold press juicer.

Mod handles whole produce, like leafy kale, with ease and retains far more nutrients than traditional juicers. It yields more juice, is entirely waste-free and is the fast to clean. Don't want to stop at juice? Mod also makes nut milks and sorbets!

Mod is proudly 100% Aussie owned and run and comes with a 20 year motor warranty and 5 year labour and parts warranty. We ship fast and free everywhere in Australia.

The Mod Cold Press Juicer is your wellness companion in the kitchen.

Crafting your own cold pressed juice is an easy way to boost your nutrient intake, to cleanse the body of toxins and to assist with weight management. By choosing Mod, you take a positive step in nourishing your body and soul.

MASCA Fitness

Welcome to The Miles Andrew Strength and Conditioning Academy

About Miles...

Trial each of your first classes free!

Classes offered

60 min classes: $20

30 min classes: $15

Full Body Cardio Workout

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout

Full Body Strength Workout

Core Workout

All classes are held at the Liston Tennis Club, Williamstown

























For more information, any enquiries or bookings, please contact Miles on
0450 627 372. I look forward to hearing from you!


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